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Through our broad network and many years of experience in the sporting events industry, we have a broad base of athletes we address. These synergies can be used well from the registration process to the presentation of results. In addition, we can say from experience that an event genereates up to 20% more participants if it is registered with us or has the registration process.

The payment service is constantly being developed by our employees. Individual solutions and adjustments are possible on request at any time.

Design of the result list

Thanks to the integration on, the results of the event can be integrated directly. The data thus remains in one hand during the entire process. The design of the result list is individually adaptable.

In addition, certificates, finisher videos and sponsors can be included there.

GPS Tracking

A GPS tracking can also be visualized here. Follow your friends via live tracking on and be there directly at the event.


On request, newsletters can be sent to all your participants. You can also access to and integrate your content into the newsletter.


Start your own advertising campaign on and increase the reach of your event. Whether pictures animations or highlight/teaser videos, on the HomeZone you can always reach possible participants for your event. In addition, advertising space can be also brokered to sponsors or partners.

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