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With smartControl, your event will be more personal for your visitors and more goal-oriented and transparent for you.

With our innovative technology, we offer a new-generation ticketing solution. smartControl consists of the components "AccessControl", "VisitorRecognition" and "CrowdControl" and is particularly suitable for trade fairs, concerts and large events of all kinds where tickets are used. The basis for smartControl is our smartTicket. This allows additional components to be linked.

smartControl is intelligent ticketing 4.0 and heralds a new era in ticketing thanks to the innovative connection of tickets with RFID technology. With our solution, AccessControl and VisitorRecognition provide you with a modern interaction and communication channel to your visitors that was previously not possible. In addition, CrowdControl lets you analyze your event in a unique and comprehensive way.


smartTicket is the basis for smartControl. The smartTicket is an intelligent ticket that can communicate contactlessly with our terminals. The heart of the ticket is an RFID chip that is integrated in the ticket. This is, like the ticket itself, personalized and thus clearly assignable. The smartTicket can either be pre-produced and distributed, or personalized and programmed directly on-site. The use of smartTicket as a basis enables the additional use of the components AccessControl, VisitorRecognition and CrowdControl.


With AccessControl you can give your visitors access to selected rooms. Everything works without contact: the visitor can pass through the entrance - for example, a hub - without any further interaction (do not show or scan a ticket). You can define different areas with separate access. For example, only a selected group has access to the VIP area, or only those visitors who have booked a particular presentation will have access to the corresponding lecture room.

Thanks to our SmartTicket you can also offer personalized services at the access points. Thus, you can play an animated and personal greeting of the visitor who is currently going through the access point.


VisitorRecognition allows you to identify those who are currently at a checkpoint. Thus, you can recognize the visitor at your booth, without having to manually scan his SmartTicket. Of course, you can also use personalized information materials or advertising when the visitor comes to an info panel.


CrowdControl is an analysis and evaluation tool that enables you to carry out extensive monitoring of your event. You have a live overview of all the visitor's positions, which is displayed as a "heatmap". Of course, you can also observe the historical evolution of the position data and thus represent the flow of visitors over a period of time. The CrowdControl helps you flexibly adapt the necessary support (such as event staff or catering) based on the current visitor situation. In addition, you can also create a ranking of the visited places or plan an improved stand distribution for other events. Of course, there are many other possible uses that we can individually adapt to the requirements of your event.


For 16 years we have been active in the field of ticketing and SmartControl. Since then, we have been steadily developing our technology. Through our own development team we research and develop ourselves and are therefore very flexible in the development of new technologies and concepts that meet the respective customer needs.

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