Athletes Management
  • From the registration to presentation of the results, you will get everything from one source and thus have everything in sight at the same time.

  • Your participants' data are cleary arranged and available at all times. you have an overview of completed as well as cancelled registrations. This way, the drop-out rate can be specifically reduced.

  • Manage your participants' data simply and easily, they can be changed, added and removed in just a few seconds.

  • Settlements, account balance and cancellations can be obtained directly from us at a glance. Overviews of all selected options are also provided.

  • You will be provided iwth a variety of statistics and graphically prepared in various diagrams. So you have your participants always in view.

  • Voucher and discount codes can be generated at any time. It does not matter if a percentage or a fixed amount should be deducted from the amount. Other factors such as the number of possible redemptions, applicable only to the entry fee, design of the code, etc. can be considered.