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Single Registration
  • You can define several competitions for your event.

  • The query fields of the participants can be individually determined and designed. It does not matter if it is personal information (name, first name, year, etc.), address informatino or optional information. In addition, pictures can also be inserted.

  • Simply decide for yourself which informatino is mandatory to be filled in by the participant and which information is optional.

  • You also determine which different options should be queried at which event. Whether global, so competition-intensive, or only for special competitions, you decide on your own personalized registration.

  • Quotas can be determined for all options. So no more entrants are allowed than starting places are available or T-shirts that have not been produced are sold.

  • During registration, it is possible to automatically assign the start numbers. For this purpose, just start number blocks can be awarded per competition.

  • Each login is personalized by nature. Registrations are still possible at any time.

  • Our payment is also fully integrated into our portal

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